Australian Wildflower Honey



Wildflower Honey is a light-coloured Honey with well-balanced, mild-tasting, fruity floral flavours. The bees collect nectar and pollen from Banksia, Parrot bush, native trees, and wildflowers as they blossom in the spring and early summer. As the floral source changes with the seasons, so does the taste of the honey.


Wildflower Honey

Australian Wildflower Honey is natural honey and has significant prebiotic potential that is healthy for your digestive system. An ideal energy booster and great honey for daily use in tea, with scones or crumpets or on toast. 

This mild-tasting honey is perfect for cooking. Why not try our Honey Soy Pork Recipe?

Our Wildflower Honey comes from the nectar and pollen of the trees and wildflowers in the pristine natural environments of the Southern Region of Western Australia, which is far from any industry or suburban settings, resulting in honey that is pure, natural, chemical and pollutant-free.⁠

The honey is unprocessed; cold spun from ripe honeycombs, and coarse filtered to maintain the distinct taste of pure, raw and 100%, natural honey. Unfortunately, much of the commercial honey available today is processed and heat-treated, which effectively reduces the antimicrobial properties and benefits of the honey. 

Bella Bees Wildflower Honey is only coarse strained to remove any larger chunks of the honeycomb. Our honey is never heat-treated, and for this reason, retain much of its natural goodness, nutritional qualities, vitamins, minerals, trace pollen from the hive, propolis particles, fine comb particles, antimicrobial properties, and antioxidants.⁠

We are blessed to have some of the most pristine natural environments and bushlands in the world here in Western Australia, and it is from these native Wildflowers and trees that our bees produce some of the worlds cleanest and most deliciously honey. ⁠

Bella Bees Honey does not recommend storing Wildflower Honey in a refrigerator, as it significantly accelerates the process of crystallisation and will harden your honey. For the best flavour, honey should be at room temperature. 

During winter and if you are in an unusually cold area, try storing your honey jar next to a window where sunlight shines through and warms the honey up.

What makes Australian wildflower honey unique?

Australian wildflower honey is unique due to the diverse range of wildflowers that bees collect nectar from. This diversity of flowers gives the honey its unique flavor and aroma. Additionally, Australian wildflower honey is often considered to be of higher quality than other types of honey due to the strict regulations that are in place in Australia.


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