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About Our Bees

At Bella Bees, we believe “Healthy bees are Happy bees”, and happy bees make great Honey. Our bees have a nutritious diet of plant nectars and pollens, as we place them close to the vast pristine natural environments of the Southern Region of Western Australia. These areas are far from any industry or suburban settings, resulting in Honey that is pure, natural and chemical and pollutant-free.

Our experienced beekeepers ensure that only excess Honey is removed from the hive, always leaving enough for our bees to eat. We then allow it to ripen fully and mature before it is cold spun, collected, coarse filtered and then packed with care.

Honey produced in Western Australia is arguably the cleanest and purest in the world, with high Total Activity or TA ratings. Australia is the last country on earth unaffected by particular bee pests and diseases that cause issues for beekeepers elsewhere, who need to manage these pests with harmful chemicals and antibiotics. Australian beekeepers have no reason to use these chemicals, so our bees are happy and healthy, making pure, chemical-free Honey.

Bella Bees Honey aligns with the Australian Food Standards Code definition of Honey and does not have anything added or removed to change its natural composition.

Our Pure, Raw and Natural Honey range includes single flora origin varieties such as Jarrah, Marri (Red Gum), Wandoo (White Gum), as well as premium multiflora varieties such as Wildflower and Eucalyptus. It Honey will be available online direct to customers, via selected stockists in Perth and to wholesale customers worldwide.


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