Pure and Natural Australian Honey

Sourced straight from the pristine landscapes, our honey is a testament to nature’s finest offerings, never undergoing any heat treatment or processing.

Discover the distinct flavors of our locally produced treasures, including the robust Active Jarrah, the rich Marri Red Gum, and the delicate Wandoo White Gum. Each jar is meticulously crafted by our skilled beekeepers, ensuring every drop is a taste of pure perfection.

Western Australian Honey Producer

Our Honey is carefully collected by our skilled beekeepers and then packed with care. 

Bella Bees Pure and Natural Australian Honey range includes single flora origin varieties Jarrah, Marri (Red Gum), Wandoo (White Gum), and multiflora varieties such as Wildflower and Eucalyptus.

Once a hobby hive in our family garden, Bella Bees Honey has grown with fervour to share the prized taste of Western Australian honey with the rest of the world. Harvested from the vast bushland and forest regions of Western Australia, our honey is cold spun from ripe honeycombs, without further processing to maintain the distinct taste of pure and natural honey.

Healthy bees are happy bees, and happy bees make great honey! To keep bees healthy and happy, a nutritious diet of plant nectars and pollens is required. Our experienced beekeepers ensure that only excess honey is removed from the hive, always leaving enough for the bees to eat. The Australian native flora that the bees are placed near, generally provide ample amounts of pollen and nectar for the bees to feast on and store as honey.

When honeycombs in the beehive have been filled with honey, the bees cap this honey off with a thin layer of beeswax. It is at this point that the honey is ready to be harvested.

The honeycombs are taken to a honey shed where the wax cappings are removed from the honeycombs with a sharp blade before they are placed into a honey spinner. The honeycombs are then spun at speed, causing the honey to flow out of the combs without damaging them. Honey is collected at the bottom of the spinner where it then is coarsely strained and bottled.

Best Quality Australian honey products

Bella Bees Honey is produced locally in Western Australia by a small group of beekeeping families.

Our honey is available through our online shop, or through many quality food retailers here in Western Australia.

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