Pure Raw Natural Western Australian Honey

Bella Bees Pure Raw Natural Unprocessed Honey​ range include single flora origin varieties Jarrah, Marri (Red Gum), Wandoo (White Gum), and multiflora varieties such as Wildflower and Eucalyptus.

Once a hobby hive in our family garden, Bella Bees Honey has grown with enthusiasm to share the prized taste of Western Australian honey with the rest of the world.

We harvest our honey from the vast pristine natural environments of the Southern Region of Western Australia, far from any industry or suburban settings, resulting in honey that is pure raw natural, chemical and pollutant-free.⁠ Our honey is unprocessed, cold spun from ripe honeycombs, and coarse filtered to maintain its distinct flavours and taste.

All Bella Bees we believe Happy Health Bees are the key to excellent Honey.  Our Honey is carefully collected by our skilled beekeepers and then packed with care.

Our Honey is available online direct to customers, via selected stockists in Perth and across Western Australia and to wholesale customers worldwide.

Honey is a must-have kitchen staple, for dishes and drinks that can be sweet or savoury. Have a look at our recipe ideas to find some sweet inspiration.

Our pure raw natural Western Australian honey is never heat-treated, and for this reason, retain much of its natural goodness, nutritional qualities, vitamins, minerals, trace pollen from the hive, propolis particles, fine comb particles, anti-microbial properties and antioxidants.⁠

We are blessed to have some of the most pristine natural environments and bushlands in the world here in Western Australia, and it is from this native bushland and wildflowers that our bees produce some of the worlds cleanest and most delicious honey. ⁠

Bella Bees Pure Raw Natural Honey from Western Australian is available online direct to customers, via selected stockists in Perth and to wholesale customers worldwide, for more information contact: [email protected]